If you have ever considered getting an MBA, you may have wondered if it was worth the cost and investment of time required to earn one. For individuals who live in or are considering moving to Singapore, there are plenty of reasons why this could be an option worth pursuing. Keep reading to learn about five good reasons why you should consider getting a master of business administration in Singapore.

1. Singapore Is a Great Place to Be Educated

As a city and country, Singapore has been making it easier and easier for foreign teachers to teach there and earn a salary that will allow them to live comfortably. There are many people who have begun teaching English in Singapore and absolutely love the experience because the income is so good in relation to the cost of living in Singapore. Also, the country is an excellent place for foreign students to take advantage of an internationally-recognized education at a fraction of what it would cost back home.

2. Singapore Is One of the Best Places in the World to Move After Earning an MBA

With a 3.9% unemployment rate, it is clear that the economy in Singapore is thriving. In fact, it has been ranked by Wikipedia as the fourth most competitive in the world and first among Asian countries. The only negative may be its high cost of living; however, this can also be turned into a positive because an MBA graduate from Singapore can move around to other countries for work after receiving his or her degree.

3. Opportunities for International Mobility Are Abundant

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to get an MBA in Singapore is that international mobility is abundant, especially if you are willing to travel a bit before deciding exactly where you want to settle. Additionally, many people find that they are able to move easily between Singapore and neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. This provides an incredible opportunity for those who would like to travel while maintaining the ability to return home at any time.

4. The Education System in Singapore Is Truly International

The education system in Singapore is truly international because it serves students from all around the world. This provides graduates with an incredibly diverse knowledge base which can help them succeed in nearly every job market around the world. Additionally, the economy in Singapore is isolated enough that there are virtually no language barriers – at least within a given field of study – to impede success.

5. There is a Great Level of Job Security in Singapore

Of course, there are also numerous benefits of working in Singapore. However, it is another great point to consider that the country has a job security rate that is slightly higher than the United States. This means that an MBA graduate from Singapore will have virtually no trouble finding employment in a wide array of industries and with varying levels of compensation.

The list goes on, but these five points are certainly the most important ones to keep in mind when deciding whether tuition is worth it for you or not. The country also has some pretty impressive perks and amazing universities.


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