Are you tired of the old methods of mailing items to your friends and family? Is there a better way to send packages with speed, reliability and security? Express delivery services are here to take care of all those troubles. However, not all express delivery service providers are created equal so it is important to understand the entire process involved. To help you decide which express delivery service provider will be the best fit for your needs, here are some tips on how to hire the best express delivery services in Malaysia:

1. Look for companies that have a Quality Insurance Program

Quality insurance is among the most important factors to consider when hiring express delivery services. These companies provide customers with protection against loss and damage to whatever is being sent as well as protecting the privacy of your package contents. It should be noted that even though a company has a quality insurance program in place, it doesn’t mean you are protected 100% against losses or theft. Always make sure that you read over the terms of the contract, and understand what is covered under each insurance policy. If you want to avoid any problems, research any and all competitors in the same field before deciding on fast service delivery providers in Malaysia.

2. When you choose your delivery service provider, make sure that they deliver within Malaysia’s time zone

This is one of the most important factors because time plays a big role in how fast your shipment gets to its destination. The majority of express delivery services in Malaysia provide same-day/next-day services but keep in mind that these are for local pickups only. If you are shipping from an international address or if it will be picked up from a PO Box, then you may need to wait a few days before requesting express delivery services.

3. Determine whether you need the Express Courier Services or Standard Mail Service

There are two types of transportation used when sending packages with companies like One is the Express Courier Services and the other is Standard Mail Service. The type of service you need depends on the size of your package. If you ordered something small, like a smaller item or accessory, you might consider Express Courier Services because it will get to you faster (within 2-3 days) than the Standard Mail Service (10 days). For most items, whichever form of transportation you use, your package will arrive within 4-5 days (unless it goes through customs during transit).

4. Know what is included in each package

When choosing Express delivery services in Malaysia, make sure that they clearly state what is included in each shipment. If you choose to use the Standard Mail Service, you will find in the packing list what items are included. This can be helpful if you are comparing prices as more items are covered by the Standard Mail Service than Express Courier Services.

5. Is there a minimum order required for Standard Mail and Express Courier Services?

When you decide to use express delivery services in Malaysia, one of our first choices would be express courier services for small items and accessories. Small items like jewellery and cameras, along with some electronics (like cell phones), usually fit into the small package category. For other items like books or heavy-duty industrial equipment, it is better to use Express Courier Services since they require a larger parcel size (most of the time).

There are many ways to choose fast delivery services in Malaysia but by following the above tips, you will be sure to get your packages when you want them and never let any issues arise. With express delivery services, things like lost packages, stolen items and damaged goods are a thing of the past if you use service providers with high-level insurance policies. Happy shopping!


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