Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, buffet-style meals are always an easy way to get food that pleases everyone and lets guests mingle and socialise. But not all buffets are created equal. Here are tips for buying party platters in Singapore that will help you get the best possible meal at the right price.

1. Do your research

Before you start shopping for party platters, do some research about what’s available in the market. Find out what’s on offer before you put down your hard-earned money. You can use the Singapore-based blog budgetbuffet.com to look at the current prices of buffet packages across various food outlets in Singapore and check out guides on which parcels to get at each place. Try to avoid eating in stalls that are local to where you live, unless they offer a fixed-price deal.

2. Consider the ingredients

One of the benefits of buffet-style meals is that you don’t have to check each dish before serving yourself. Choose a package that includes items you know are safe for your family. If Asian food is your speciality, look for restaurants that serve hotpot or steamboat, which feature foods cooked in broth rather than fried or grilled. This way, your party platter can include foods like mussels, clams, fish balls and tofu puffs, which are all great sources of calcium and protein.

3. Buy fresh, not frozen

Freshness is important when you’re choosing party platters. Frozen food tends to be greasier and can get soggy quickly, while fresh foods are always great options. Look for frozen food that’s organic and free of chemical preservatives. If your choice is limited, stick with the vegetable section – you’ll likely get a good value for your money. Just make sure that the veggies are rinsed before serving them to avoid bacterial contamination.

4. Try to avoid buffet-only joints

Don’t be afraid to ask food outlets if you can buy the buffet platters separately so you can serve them yourself. Even though these places may seem like they’re too good a deal to pass up, they tend to be very inconsistent. If a particular dish looked great at one time but not another, it’s probably safe to assume that the dish wasn’t made according to the standard recipe. So don’t hesitate to ask if those items can be bought separately so that you can serve exactly what you want.

5. Buy in bulk

You can buy individual platters at a lower price than if you buy the whole set of five or six ingredients separately. If you’ve chosen a buffet-style meal, don’t forget to speak to the restaurant ahead of time so you know how much fruit, meat and vegetables are included in the package. This way, you’ll know if it’s worth paying for these extras or not.

6. Skip the dessert

Buffet meals are notoriously high in calories and sugar due to desserts like cakes, chocolate pastries and fried doughnuts. Come with a sweet tooth and you’ll likely eat more than your fair share. Instead of buying a dessert buffet package, ask your butler to stock the fridge with fresh fruit skewers so that you can snack on them whenever you get the munchies.

There’s no reason why buying party platters shouldn’t look like fun. If you’re planning to have a food-focused gathering, check out budgetbuffet.com and other online guides for the best bargains in town.


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