Choosing a diamond ring is one of the most significant decisions before tying the knot. It’s an investment in your marriage, so it’s worth taking the time to consider all your options carefully. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the things you should know before purchasing a diamond ring for your special someone.

These diamond ring buying tips are designed to help you discover the diamond ring that best suits your personality and budget.

1. Consider Your Budget

When you’re ready to purchase a diamond ring, it’s helpful to have an idea of what your budget will be so that you can guide your choice of stone. To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, look at the following:

2. Consider Your Personality

Having an idea of what your personality is will help determine the style of diamond ring you should be looking for. For example, a more classic style might suit those with a traditional personality, while those with a modern and unique personality might like something more contemporary.

3. Consider Her Personality

Take some time to get an overview of her personality. This will let you narrow down the type of stone and cut she’ll like most. Find her favourite colours and go through her jewellery box to see if there are any things you can take inspiration from when shopping for your ring.

4. Get to Know Her Style

If you’re looking for a new diamond ring, it’s a good idea to get some ideas from her jewellery box. If she has many diamond rings in Orchard Road, Singapore and wears different styles each day, try to look at all the different items she has so that you can be sure to find something that suits both of your personalities.

5. Understand the Difference Between Honours and Hearts

Honours are cut diamonds that are finished with facets. These diamonds have a flat shape like an oval or marquise with rounded edges, making them very popular with women who prefer this style.

Hearts are cut diamonds that are finished with bevels. These diamonds are generally more modern and have a cut that looks like the contours of a heart.

6. Understand What’s Included in the Cut Grade

The cut is one of the most important factors when choosing a diamond ring because if you don’t consider this correctly, you’re likely to end up with something more challenging to look at when it catches the light or isn’t quite as enjoyable as it could be. This is why it’s essential to understand what’s included in the cut grade so that you know what to look for when possible and what’s not suitable for your taste.

The cut grade is usually awarded by either AGS (American Gem Society) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). It’s important to note that GIA grading is more accurate than AGS but not as commonly used. Understanding a good cut grade also means giving your jeweller an idea of how you want your stone to look before you purchase it.

A diamond with a good cut grade will reflect the maximum amount of light, have straight edges and be symmetrical. The diamond’s facets should be well placed so that it reflects light in the most desirable way possible.


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