ED or erectile dysfunction can be one of those problems that can downgrade your life in several ways. Of course, having sex is not one of your surviving factors in life but it can certainly spiral down your life. Couples, where the male partner is suffering from ED, are unable to lead a normal sexual life just like any other couple. The problem here lies with the male partner and their inability to be able to get a hard erection. it is thus they cannot enjoy sex together. 

The symptoms of ED are easier to notice and it is often the male who recognizes it at its earlier stages. If you are facing symptoms of ED then it is that it is having difficulties for you to have an erection or maintain it.  As with all other ED patients you want to find a cure to the problems faster. Methods of curing ED are many as we will discuss them later. One of the most common ways is when the doctors prescribe you to have pills like Fildena 150, Cenforce 200, or Cenforce 150 pills. 

So how can you overcome ED in life? Is ED even curable and can you completely cure ED and bring back the sexual bliss in life? Let’s find out…

What is the time taken to overcome ED?

Of course, for all ED patients, one of the most critical things that they are often looking to find a proper answer is the time taken to cure ED completely. To your disappointment, there cannot be any time surely fixated not even by doctors.  Various limiting factors play a critical role in how fast you can find a cure to ED. Things like the cause of ED which might be a disorder of physical or psychological type, or how fast you adapt to treatment, along with your present health conditions including your past medical history, whether you are suffering from any present-day disorders and medicines being given to you to cure them all play a critical role.

Of course one of the things is surely in your hands. And that is the time since you experience the symptoms till you finally visit a doctor and adapt to treatment. The faster you report to a doctor, the more quickly can you find an alternative ideal treatment within your budget, and the likely are the chances that you will find a faster cure.  Sometimes ED can roll back your mental confidence and bring up shyness or procrastination where male patients are not willing to share any information about such intimate details. 

Can the use of medicines overcome ED problems?

There are so many different brands of ED medicines available in the markets and even online e-commerce websites that you might know of some brands like FIldena 150, Cenforce 200 or Cenforce 150 or Viagra 100, or Cialis. 

So how efficient are these ED medicines in providing a cure from ED? Can they even cure ED once and for all?

To your disappointment again the answer is no… No, ED medicines cannot cure ED completely. The only benefit of using ED medicines is that they are affordable to the groups. The use of ED medicines will provide you an erection only till its effective time which in most cases is not more than 36 hours. 

If you stop taking ED medicines the problems with your erections cro0p back again. You have to continue using them over some time as the doctors suggest you and keep taking them consistently. 

Even then the use of ED medicines is not a life-long option for you. generally, throughout your treatment term, you will have to remain under the consultation of a doctor and they will guide you to the treatment which is for a period of not more than a few years at a stretch.

Is ED even recoverable?

So, is there any other option to find an ED cure permanently? Of course, there is. So we have been looking at the use of medicines which people like to adopt because of its low budget. 

But certainly, if you have an even higher budget then you can go for many advanced mechanisms for ED cure that include surgeries. There are many types of ED surgeries these days most of which will induce a manually inflatable pump in your penis tissues to help you overcome the difficulties to gain an erection. 

The problem is that its cost is not within the reach of everyone. And second of all, it is not devoid of side effects. 

Yes, even with surgeries there are possible side effects like severe allergic reactions, pain, and inflammation inside the penis tissues all of which can damage your penis.

What can we conclude with ED cure?

Getting a cure from ED is certainly possible using medicines like Fildena 150, Cenforce 200, and Cenforce 150 but only for a short while.


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