The proper stack functioning is a critical point for any household. If the drainage or water supply doesn’t work, the family must call the plumber immediately. Today we’ll discover 8 widespread problems of the kitchen stank. Let’s agree that the responsible homeowner doesn’t panic and carefully inspects the network.

No water at all

First, check that all faucets are open and have no problems. If they’re okay, check the local online communities on any repair works. Is this step ok? Good, wait until the maintenance ends and the supplier resumes it. No? Call the plumber to solve the situation that went terribly wrong.

At least half of homes in Toronto and suburbs have leaks leading to wasting 30-90 gallons of water daily. Its ignoring leads to the basement foundation and fungus appearance because of high humidity, not to mention the constant coughing. The people buy the dehydrators instead of asking the professionals for help. These problems result from the possible pipe frosting-defrosting cycles or illegal incuts in the area system.

Hot water absent

Warming of water for a couple of hours is quite inefficient. If the voltage is below or up the permitted levels, that may be an electric issue. But if the electric wipes are healthy, maybe it’s something else? The qualified plumber will check your system and understand what’s happening to your hot water pipes. Maybe they need replacing or cleaning.

Sweating of the water heater

The sweating is a sign of continuous leak of this apparatus. Most problems come from cracks in piping or inaccurate exploit. It’s important to identify them earlier – in this case, the repair will cost less and affordable. There are such signs, too, as:

  • Rusty spots on the surrounding piping or the heater itself;
  •  Corrosion on the equipment;
  • Unusual quantity of water under the water heater or in the drip.

Low pressure of water

The problem here is usually the clogged aerator near the faucet in the bathroom. Every man who is friendly with a screwdriver can unscrew that element and remove the sediment. If this problem touches all sinks in the house or office, that signals about a more significant problem. Don’t try to fix it yourself, except if you are the plumber.


Probably, the reason is the clog somewhere. That problem results from the foreign object inside. Professional plumbers find things from cat’s food to live babies during the kitchen stack cleaning. Don’t waste time, because the repeating problem may transform into a severe issue.

The constant faucet dripping

If your faucet drips 10 times per minute, it wastes 500 gallons annually. Many homeowners decide that they can be selfish and move this dripping further. But this thinking type leads to the trap. They don’t understand they need to overpay this volume from the family budget. Our position is to fix it. It may sometimes be easy with a new bracket or a little tightening. If this method doesn’t help, consider replacing the crack in the pipe or something else, so the qualified plumber will help to fix it.

Toilet overflowing

This problem is typical for families with young kids. If that happens, shut off the water and stop using it until the qualified specialist comes to you and checks it. Use the nearby facilities if possible.

The overflowing toilet after the flush means the clog blockage. Using of fat removals will help but not always. The clogged pipe below also pours the extra water into the closet. The drainage pipe clog makes it overflow without reason.

The toilet smells like sewage

Sometimes the clog smells unbearable. It can quickly run around the home, poisoning life. Don’t try to tackle the problem itself because it’s the real distress. Trust its solution to POM Group Plumbing experts. We work from Monday to Saturday, 8 to 18 hours, for your comfort in Toronto.


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