Construction accidents are a significant issue for employers and employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was created to provide safety measures for construction sites. The following are OSHA standards:

Law and Regulation Requirements

The law requires that employers have a written program for the safety of their employees. This program must include engineering controls, work procedures, and personal protective equipment. Employees must have training in these topics, and the law is updated every three years.

Qualification of Employees

Employees are trained for four hours in hazardous areas. Training is required for all new employees within three months of employment and new supervisors within six months. Employees are tested for the appropriate level of training by a written test, demonstration, or practical experience.

Work Procedures and Engineering Controls

Work procedures should include how to perform tasks safely and how to change the work procedures. Engineering controls should include basic engineering controls such as fall protection and firefighting equipment. Controls are also required when welding is performed or when chemicals are used on a worksite.

Hazard Communication

Hazard communication training is given to all employees and new employees within three months of employment. This training must include labeling and preventive measures for the materials in their area.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE includes hard hats, hearing protection, eyewear, gloves, and safety shoes. The employer must provide PPE to their employees free of charge.


Lockout procedures must be in place for machines and tools. These procedures are required when a hazard could occur if the machine, tool, or equipment is operated without being locked out. 

Under the law, employers must have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program in place for their employees to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Each employee must participate in the program by being trained and then tested on their knowledge to reduce the chance of an injury. The law requires a record of injuries that occur at a worksite.

Written Program for Safety

This program requires a written safety program that provides training on safety issues and hazardous materials in the workplace. This program is updated annually.

Safety and Health Committee

A committee is required to oversee the development, implementation, and administration of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

The committee must meet regularly and receive training from an outside agency on preventing hazards in a construction environment.

Safety and Health Recognition

Every year, an employee is recognized for their contribution to this program. This contribution could be in the form of a suggestion to reduce workplace hazards or to train others on safety issues.


All employees must participate in training on workplace safety issues and hazardous materials every year. The training must last at least one hour for each employee and must review topics such as how to work safely with certain materials, use specific equipment, and react in emergencies.

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