Winter is considered by many adventurous folks the best time to travel and experience new things. While it can be overwhelming, lots of fun activities can make you look forward to the following winter in the same way we look expectantly for the first ray of snow-melting sun rays that marks the farewell to the winter’s chills.

We are forced to be in two big camps when winter comes knocking. The first camp has the folk hungry for the opposite; a deep dive into the other side, away from the blanket of the snowy noons. On the other hand, the second camp involves the ones who want to search for the beauty hidden behind the winter’s freeze and the cold wave. They are not planning to escape and follow the sun on his sabbatical; instead, they want to find the beauty behind the vast congealments that come wooing us generously. An amalgam of the two would involve those who are at a point of indifference and who are open to any convincing gateways and exciting destinations. In which camp are you? Irrespective of your camp, I want to say you are safe, and we’ve got you covered with exciting destinations to afford you a fond memory and enduring memento. 

If you are in for the best, the following ideas will give you the best weekend gateways this winter:

Trying an Immersion Program

Sometimes you are caught up in activities and need personal development. Winters come with exciting exchange programs across different cultures and languages. Trying an immersion program would make your winter weekend memorable and give you more opportunities for advancement in your area. 

So what happens in an immersion program?  In immersion programs, learners are fully immersed in the target language, life skills, spiritual coaching, or meditation for a particular time, both in and outside the class. It is sometimes compared to submersion, where individual learners are placed in a positive learning environment—trying such a program on a weekend while keeping themselves in a scenic, safe space. You get to meet new people and learn a lot. 

Taking a Weekend Vacation

A weekend vacation would be a great way to make your weekend eventful this winter. Because the weekend is short, you can’t afford to make any miscalculated ventures—no room for guesswork and no time for trying to discover unknown destinations. You must only make sure bets as it is costly to make any mistakes with your choices. Like a kingfisher, you dive in, pick your fish and get going. There are many places with unique experiences and offers for a weekend vacation. You should insist on a place that best suits your desires and needs. If your heart thumps for snow, frozen lakes, and paradisiacal settings, the North Pole (in Alaska)is your ultimate haven. The North Pole is famous for its Northern lights, frozen lakes, and, if well-timed, Christmas festival. 

You will enjoy partaking in the Winterfest and spending quality time in Chena Lake Recreation Area. 

Apart from the North Pole, you would have a great time in Death Valley, California. You begin battling the thoughts of fascination and mystery from its very name. Death Valley brags magnificent mountains, barren salt flats, mysterious sailing stones, rainbow-colored mountains, and more such wonders. It draws the attention of travelers from all over the globe. Because of its soaring temperatures, it is best during winter, making it a perfect place for an exciting weekend vacation.

Don’t limit yourself to these two, however, because there are many more exciting destinations. A weekend vacation is excellent when carefully planned. You can avoid scripting a schedule and let things flow adventurously.

Going on a Winter Road Trip

Road trips have been there forever, and they get better and better. Who can get tired of gliding sweetly through 2,448 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles on the famous route 66?  What about the most dramatic US road trip of them all? I mean California’s Pacific Coast Highway, which comprises the Dana Point to San Francisco portion of State Route 1. It grants you the rare chance of traveling 655 miles along the crashing shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, its twists and turns peppered with beaches, cliffs, and vibrant cities. And there are many more destinations that offer great experiences on the highway that you still add to your bucket list.

Road trips are there to stay; like wine, they get better with time.  You can make it fun by going with friends and hasten the fervor by having each drive their car. A mini rally with calculated stopovers to pick all the niceties that greet you along the way. The secret is to make it as exciting and memorable as possible.

Snow hiking Adventures

Snow hiking adventure is an excellent pick for an exciting winter weekend as it is time-bound. Apart from the sempiternally snowy Antarctica, which is not habited, you can only enjoy the snow during winters. So instead of playing hide and seek, you can appreciate what nature brings your way. Give yourself a memorable experience of a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride or just skiing freely on the vast snowy lanes. 

You can do your bike or even skate across the gliding surfaces. You can make some nice stoppings for something great and yummy. A cup of hot chocolate and a grand fireside talk with friends and companions can make this your annual winter gateway.  Snow hiking is fun with friends and great supportive company.

A Quick Excursion

Going on a  quick excursion would be a perfect way to spend your time this winter. It marries well with time constraints(remember you only have the weekend) and will be easier to budget because it is cheaper. You can go to places you have been longing to visit, which must be something other than a thronged, jampacked destination. Think of a place on your bucket list that you keep leaving out all the time. Such sites can be great for a quick excursion.


There is beauty in all the seasons of life, and winter comes with its own. One of the best things you can do to make this winter memorable is to find yourself multiple exciting weekend gateways. We have highlighted the top five best weekend gateways that will have you covered and afford you an eventful winter.


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