You consider yourself to be fit. Well, certainly fit enough to play sport each week for your team and you think that you are performing well. No teammate has said otherwise, and you know how quick pals can be to mention such things especially when socialising later. 

However, the team coach wants a word with you. He seems to think that you aren’t at your optimum and wonders if you’re hiding any niggles or injuries. Not hugely impressed with this intervention, you tell him that everything is OK. But it got you thinking, especially after reading online on a local website about the benefits of sports massage in Camberwell.

As a natural competitor, you want to perform at your best at work and at play. To achieve that a healthy body and mind is vital, so let us consider some great reasons to choose a course of sports massage.

  • The first reason to head for sports massage is to alleviate pain and to recover from injury. Expert physiotherapy will reduce the time that you are missing from action and help you sleep and rest easier as your ailments begin to reduce.
  • The benefits of relaxation and stress relief cannot be underestimated. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls blood pressure and heart rate. The soothing treatment will release stress, be it from playing sports or mental concern caused elsewhere. Nobody performs at their best while feeling pressure so a massage will improve your output.
  • Your blood supply increases when relaxed to release lactic acids, which aid recovery from any injury. Your heart also has an easier time if your muscles are relaxed. 
  • You may not realise it at the time, but exercise causes micro tears in your muscles, which sometimes reveal themselves as aches and pains in the days afterwards. Receiving a massage will decrease the chances of those niggles becoming injuries and aid a full recovery as the blood starts to flow freely again. Perhaps joining a health club may be an option to reduce potential injuries?
  • Choose the length of your treatment to suit your own busy schedule and even tell the physiotherapist how firm you prefer your massage to be. You may even be covered for sports massage by your private health insurance, saving you money while your health improves.
  • You are literally in safe hands when you go for a sports massage at a licensed establishment as all physiotherapists must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency. They must be qualified, have insurance and be continuing their education.
  • It will make you happy, meaning a fit mind as well as body. Endorphins, hormones that release stress or feel pain are exercised during sports massage. The next time you compete you will be at an advantage from your brain telling you are brighter and fitter.

Don’t delay. Book yourself in for a sports massage to keep your body in peak condition, to recover from injury and to give yourself maximum opportunity to perform at your highest level.


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