Let’s face it: dab without a particular tool is quite impossible. One only loses concentration and gets their fingers all sticky without a proper device.

Several reputable companies have a wide variety of dab tool choices available on their sites. So people can find their favourite device in a smoke shop online

Here in this blog, one will get information regarding such tools, their uses, and a few tips and techniques to make the entire process much more straightforward. 

1. Apply a scoop

Scooped tools can make it as simple as scooping a handful of dry herbs to pick up, including the most difficult concentrate. It functions exactly as a little spoon would, but it is more compact to fit into anywhere of one’s concentration containers.

Nothing is wasted after one finishes smoking from a scoop because one can easily scrape out all of the concentration. Additionally, the tool’s design makes it simple to dispense the concentration directly into the rig when the time comes; one doesn’t have to be concerned about the dab coming off or even adhering to the tool.

2. Apply the Cap

Concentrates generally come in convenient silicone containers when people buy them. The containers themselves are ideal for keeping kief or little nugs, as well as any form of concentrate. On the other side, the caps can be used for dabbing too.

As the rig heats up, take a dab out of your box using your device and place it on the silicone cap. You may use the cap as a carb cap after you’ve taken the concentration.

To cover your banger, all you need is a straightforward, bendable cap; you don’t need a fancy titanium cover or borosilicate glass pendant. If you’re a serious concentrate user, it won’t be difficult to find a few of these lying around your home.

3. Utilise a Glass Device

Glass dab tools are among the most beautiful tools available. There are several designs and colours to choose from, and each one is more exquisitely made than the last. 

These can pick up what one requires to enjoy dabbing conveniently if the concentrate is thick or compact than being thin and delicate. 

Have Patience!

The most important piece of advice is always to be patient with concentration, regardless of the tool you choose. Don’t rush the process; instead, take your time to collect the smoke from the tool gently and properly. Inhale a small quantity if you are a beginner and gradually increase your daily intake capacity.

It’s important to remember that each sort of concentrate may result in a distinct texture and consistency, so not all of your goods may be compatible with one instrument. Try keeping a range of dab tools in hand, which you can buy from your favourite head shop. 

Also, try to find a smoke shop online that sells authentic products with super fast and discreet delivery. One should also see if the cost of the devices is genuine.

Dabs have inconsistent consistencies that won’t always be simple to work with. However, that does not imply that one cannot enjoy them. You’ll be able to fully enjoy everything with the correct instrument and just a little patience.


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