When you are managing a team at work, cultivating an environment of trust and development is essential to success, but figuring out how to do it can be challenging. Because no two teams are identical, there can be multiple factors that contribute to the success and failure of work groups.

With that said, there are several ways that you can improve the cultivation of an ideal environment. 

Create a Welcoming Environment

If you want your work team to succeed, one of the best ways to set the stage for that is by creating a welcoming environment. No one enjoys working with others in a negative or uninviting atmosphere.

Establish Personal Relationships

Whether your job is in-person or remote, establishing relationships is like creating the glue that will hold your team together as you move forward on the road ahead. Although maintaining professionalism is usually best, do not be afraid to share some of your unique personality. For online workers, you can even try a fun virtual office background with logo as a conversation starter.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Another way to create a welcoming environment is by developing a positive attitude. When leadership displays negativity, it can quickly zap the motivation and overall morale out of employees on the team. To prevent this from happening, try to maintain a positive attitude even through challenges. No matter how frustrating a situation becomes, always treat everyone with respect. 

Prioritize the Importance of Trust

Without trust, it is going to be difficult to get your team to work together. Therefore, you must prioritize it from the very beginning.

Lead By Example

Before you can expect others to trust you, you must first show that you are trustworthy. The most effective way to do this is to lead by example. When employees see that they can trust you, it will encourage them to approach you as well as display similar behavior.

Communicate Openly

Whether you use physical meeting rooms or virtual ones with teams customized backgrounds, openly communicating with team members is critical if you want to foster a trusting environment. Without open communication, people often deal with misunderstandings and resentment toward teams.

Invest in The Development of Your Team

Even if you have a seemingly perfect team, it is unlikely to stay that way unless you put effort into continuously developing it. 

Use Employee Development Plans

To have productive two-way conversations with team members about their growth, employee development plans often work well. Work with employees to create the plans and use them as a blueprint for both professional growth and meeting mutual goals.

Creating Engaging Virtual Events

In a world of modern technology, virtual events can go a long way in holding a work team together through scheduling conflicts, inclement weather and increasingly flexible approaches to work-life balance. Create virtual training opportunities, group meetings and webinars as well as online office parties and celebrations. Then, encourage participation. You can even create Zoom background with company logo if you want to have events that feature attention grabbing customization.

The best work teams are those that have an environment of trust and development. Use these tips to help you cultivate one.


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