Wanna practice the way you want by defying all odds of losing potential clients to clinical mismanagement? Are you in a frenzy about which healthcare solution you should choose? Or you can’t seem to decide if you should go for a hefty one or a low-priced vendor? This FindEMR post is your go-to. Here we have compiled all the data you need to make an upright decision. What are the things you need to know for choosing the best EHR solution; the features, price, reviews, and level of trustworthiness. In this article, we will present all these points using NextGen Medical Software and AdvancedMD comparison as an example. 

A detailed NextGen EHR vs AdvancedMD EHR comparison will give you an idea about how these solutions can add value to your practice. So, let’s get to it before any further ado. 

NextGen EHR Software

NextGen is a state-of-the-art healthcare software that keenly understands the struggle providers have to go through to achieve their goals. Thus it presents a vast range of features and services that work to assure the optimistic status of medical practices. Whether it’s profit generation, client scoring, or employee retention, NextGen works best under all circumstances. This is because it has a solution for all clinical tasks. For instance, it cuts down the time clinical administrators spend on patient check-ins and check-outs. 

Also, it removes the need for paperwork from the ground up so clinicians can work with a stress-free mind. On top of that, NextGen medical software emphasizes on efficient task handling that leads to streamlined workflow. It is the best bet for providers eager to ace the healthcare industry by leveling up the care services provided. Here’s the catch, NextGen EHR offers customized services and smoothly aligns itself with the personalized needs of physicians. 

NextGen Demo

The demo of NextGen EHR is fully packed with amazing details. It gives customers a glimpse into the working of the vendor. The free demo by NextGen EHR is all care providers need to see to make a conclusive decision. It covers everything from basic features highlights to skillful insights about the working of the software in real-time circumstances. So, schedule a demo now to learn what the NextGen EHR has in store for you. 

NextGen Pricing:

This elite vendor has not made its cost structure. But still, there are fine details that illustrate NextGen EHR features customer-oriented pricing bundles. Basically, NextGen offers two main pricing packages.

  • NextGen Office for small practices
  • NextGen Enterprise for multi-specialty practices

The former plan covers the basic EHR functionalities along with revenue management and billing tools. The latter comes with fine-grade services like Mirth Connect, Telehealth, NextPen, and more. The pricing of both the bundles of NextGen is available upon request. 

NextGen Reviews:

NextGen medical software is indeed the user’s first choice. It is backed by endless positive reviews that show physicians rely on its services to improve healthcare outcomes. In addition, NextGen leads to streamlined practices to help them grow instead of hindering their growth. Also, clients say that NextGen paves the way for small practices to rise to the next level with minimal resources. Besides, NextGen medical software eases data exchange, with is a great relief for practitioners. For more details, explore NextGen EHR reviews by yourself.

AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD EHR software is a prominent name in the healthcare industry. This clinical solution knows no bounds and is surpassing its own set limits as time passes by for the sake of humanity. This healthcare solution knows nothing more than improving the healthcare norms. AdvancedMD EHR shapes the way clinicians practice medication by putting all care databases in one single medium. AdvancedMD EHR  presents its clients with an extensive clinical library that works best for a wide range of specialties. 

AdvancedMD EHR software helps providers excel at what they do by supporting their treatment methods and assuring that the patients get the best possible care. It levels up the game of medication by digitizing the entire clinical process for the convenience of doctors, clinical administrators, and patients. Nothing is stopping this eloquent solution from reaching the heights of success as it wins the hearts of millions with its to-the-point care services. 

AdvancedMD Demo:

AdvancedMD offers a content-rich yet free demo for the practitioners. It is an initiative from its end to convince clients about its exclusive services. The demo of AdvancedMD is interactive and captivating as the vendor’s impressive layout is showcased elegantly in it. This few-minute demo tutorial of AdvancedMD allows practitioners to explore its services deeply to understand the system better. 

AdvancedMD Pricing:

Pricing is where AdvancedMD wins the ground with its unmatchable price structure. The vendor offers both pre-configured and configurable bundles to facilitate clients in the best possible way. Practitioners can even avail up to a 30% discount on configurable bundles depending on the scale of their requirements. The standard pricing bundles of AdvancedMD EHR are:

Practice management priced $429/ provider/ month or $1.42/ encounter. 

EHR plus Practice management priced $729/ provider/month or $2.19/ encounter. 

The per encounter pricing option by AdvancedMD gives clients room to scale their business. In addition, it serves as a way for small practices to enhance the level of healthcare services provided. 

AdvancedMD Reviews:

As for AdvancedMD EHR, it shines bright when it comes to the reviews section. This top-rated industry-standard solution offers convenience and ultra-flexibility to the clients. Not only does it simplifies the in-office tasks, but also the administrative work to lessen the burden on clinical administrators. Additionally, reviews say no other vendor handles billing the way AdvancedMD can. Finally, it leverages high-tech tools to manage the revenue management cycle to boost the profitability element of practices. 


In this NextGen EHR vs AdvancedMD EHR comparison, we finely explored the pricing, demo, and reviews element. It is to reveal the best-fitted option for you. In our opinion, AdvancedMD is an impeccable solution for all-sized practices as it doesn’t burden physicians with set pricing bundles. Even the reviews of AdvancedMD EHR highlight its significance and the mystic aura it holds for the clients. As for NextGen EHR, it is also a reliable option, but it doesn’t offer an encounter-based pricing option. See both vendors in action by scheduling their demos once you are done with this NextGen EHR vs AdvancedMD EHR comparison. 


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