If you want to have fresh durians in Singapore then try the mao shan wang from the market or order directly online. The online delivery services in Singapore will help you get the best and freshest of all just by sitting at your home. You can also build a good rapport with the seller so that they provide you with the freshest durians. But post-pandemic, most of the offline sellers have shifted to delivery.

Why is MSW popular?

Mao shan wang durians are so popular that you will find them on almost every street corner in Singapore. These fruits contain a hard and rough outer covering (shell) that is covered with blunt spikes and its inner side is soft, buttery, sticky, slimy, gooey, and fleshy.

Mao shan wang in a literal sense translates to the ‘cat mountain king’. This is the king of fruits which is loved by each and every age group. Most chefs from Singapore like to experiment with this fruit for making unique dessert items. The bittersweet flavour of Mao shan wang durians provides the dessert with a unique taste. Even Mao shan wang durian flavoured cakes and ice creams are highly popular in Singapore.

The all-time favourite Mao shan wang is one of the most priced durians known for its lush texture, smell, and bittersweet balanced flavours. Mao shan wang or commonly abbreviated as MSW deserves to be among your top fruits.

Where is MSW found?

MSW mainly comes from 2 regions in Malaysia, Johor, and Pahang. In general, the durians from the Pahang region are considered of superior quality because the older mao shan wangs are found there that bear quality fruits. They are found in the durian trees that grow in the mountain farm regions that contain good quality soil. If differentiated by characteristics, the Pahang Mao shan wangs are comparatively bitter than its counterpart from Johor, which is on the sweeter side.

The Mao shan wangs boast buttery, thick, and golden-yellow coloured fleshy fruit wound around a tiny flat seed. The Pahang variety Mao shan wang variety is at its peak in this season (from June to July end).

Prices get extremely high in this season when their growth is at its peak. The process and the supply might get affected by the torrential rains and the rainfall also might render the Mao shan wangs taste watery compared to the fleshy, juicy texture of it. August might be the best time when you can buy Mao shan wang durians with respect to their taste, texture, and prices.

A Mao shan wang durian of approximately 1.5 kilograms can yield around four hundred grams of flesh (unshelled). On normal days a Mao shan wang durian can cost up to $60 to $70 on average.


Online and offline sellers are available in Singapore to provide you with the highest quality of Mao shan wang durians. If you are a durian lover, it is highly recommended that you try the variety of Mao shan wang durians at least once in your life. It is worth the money and it might turn into your favourite fruit in no time.


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