Workplace Injury

If an employee gets injured on the business premises, it is said to be a workplace injury. A workplace injury is a burden to both the employer and the employee. Usually, the employee who gets injured on business premises will be compensated by worker compensation. If you want, you can file a workplace injury claim with the help of an attorney. However, worker compensation insurance will protect the employer from liability for the accident. These worker’s compensation attorneys can help you with your compensation. The worker compensation benefits include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Survivor Benefits

This worker compensation policy doesn’t benefit the employer in any way other than protecting them from liability. If a small business loses an employee in an accident the business will struggle. They have to find and train a replacement which takes time and will affect the business. So preventing accidents on business premises is not only for the employee but also for the employer.

Generally, workplace accidents happen due to safety violations. A business can avoid workplace accidents simply by being careful and following safety measures. The Insurance Information Institute suggests various measures a business can follow to avoid workplace accidents. The steps to be followed by a business according to III are:

  • Successful Collaboration of Management and employee
  • Proper Training
  • Analyzing the Workplace
  • Mitigate Threats
  • Review and Improve

Successful Collaboration of Management and employee

It takes effort from both parties to avoid workplace accidents. Management can not stop workplace accidents without the help of the employees. Employees can help the management by reporting safety hazards when they see one. By collaborating with employees, the management can prevent future accidents. For example, management can ask the employees once in a while about their safety concerns. By doing this, the management can learn about the safety hazards on the premise and rectify them.

Proper Training

The management must provide proper training to the employee. An employee who handles equipment without adequate training might cause an accident that affects everyone. Training might be time-consuming but in the long run, it helps to prevent workplace accidents.

Other than equipment handling training, management should train employees in an emergency. For example, an employee should know how to handle a fire accident.

Analyzing the Workplace

The management should perform a monthly check-up of the business premise to discover safety hazards. All equipment must be checked thoroughly by the management to ensure safety. Management can also use this time to engage with the employees to learn about their concerns. With these monthly check-ups, the management can prevent future accidents from happening.

Mitigate Threats

Awareness of the safety hazards that can potentially cause accidents is not enough. Employers should take action to remove that threat permanently. What looks like a minor safety hazard can result in a severe outcome. Losing an employee might stop the business flow for small businesses. Taking action immediately after discovering a safety hazard is mandatory.

Review and Revamp

Preventing workplace accidents is a never-ending process. The management has to improve constantly to be safe. If the business had a workplace accident, review it. Find the cause of the problem and remedies to prevent the same mistakes in the future. Reviewing and revamping is the only way the management can maintain the workplace as a safe place.


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