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Many real estate professionals are unaware of their area of influence. The people you interact with every day make up your area of influence. It could be friends, relatives, colleagues, or other close friends. Outside of those four groups, there are many more groups that someone working in real estate might encounter.

The objective is to expand your real estate soi so that you can always speak intelligently about the local real estate market and draw in the right clients.

Tips for Building Your SOI in Real Estate Business:

  • Develop your sphere of influence by using your contacts. It may include friends, family, colleagues, previous clients, and new leads. You can maintain a productive network with them by staying constantly in touch. You can also leverage the potential of referrals to enhance your SOI. By connecting your clients or friends with your known vendors, you can build professional and personal relationships.  
  • Regularly communicate with your connections to inform them of your neighborhood’s latest real estate trends. It will assist you in gaining their admiration and the trust necessary for developing a fruitful network.
  • Stay updated with the most recent real estate trends. It will help to establish you as a well-informed and proactive realtor in the locality. It would also win the trust of your connections in your real estate dealings.
  • Distribute effective printed marketing material like postcards, flyers, and others to attract prospective clients to your business. A well-designed postcard or flier with all the relevant information about your business can help expand your circle by bringing in new clients. You can find a variety of postcards or flier templates for real estate businesses on various reputed online platforms. 

Tips for Maintaining Your SOI

Understanding how to keep up positive relationships with those in your SOI is crucial.

  • When someone refuses to cooperate with you, do not often give up on them. To prosper and expand your area of influence, it would be beneficial to be consistent and diligent.
  • To make the most of your SOI, it is important to maintain a credible reputation in the market. Be open and honest with individuals about yourself and your business so that they can have faith in your integrity. A person will be much more inclined to believe you over others because of your goodwill.
  • Regularly inform your connections of any changes in the local real estate market. This will ensure that you care about them and will help you stay in touch with the leads. 
  • Many agents operate superficially and fail to realize the potential of personal touch in their dealings. It helps to send greeting messages on birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions to those in your sphere. Doing this allows you to create a good relationship with the client rather than simply add their name to your database impersonally.

The Significance of Maintaining Your SOI

Many agents are unaware of the importance of a broad field of influence for business expansion. Developing more substantial connections with the individuals you already know is one of the best methods to expand your sphere of influence in the real estate industry. Below are some reasons why you must keep up your SOI in the real estate business.

  • Your customers can advertise your services to others in their area of influence. It implies that you will acquire more customers or potential prospects. Thus, you can find more clients by networking. 
  • If you maintain your SOI, people will even be keener to work with you in the future as your name grows in the business and among your connections.


The concept behind real estate SOI is simple. The more people you know, the more probable it is that you’ll meet someone who wants to collaborate with you on a local property. It is crucial to take your sphere of influence seriously to succeed as a realtor. As a real estate broker, ensure you are looking for more ways to broaden and strengthen your circle of influence. You must ensure that your connections are capable and enthusiastic about working with you. 


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