Hosting a special brunch or dinner party at home is not an easy task. Though the meal is the star of the event, the way you serve each item makes a statement in itself. A lavish feast calls for luxury platters, crockery, and stylish cutlery neatly laid out on a designer table cloth perhaps with a theme of flowers and candlelight. The look of the decor sets the tone, defines the vibe, and creates a warm, welcoming ambience.

There are a plethora of options of table linen and elegant platters to choose from in both physical and online markets. Traditional artisanal, vintage, or contemporary – you can go in any direction depending on your personal aesthetic, and the world is your oyster!

Here’s your luxury guide to picking the perfect table cloth and tableware for your next dinner party.

Designer Table Cloths

You know what brings out the beauty of a great centrepiece? Beautiful table linen. The table cloth or table runner is not only the most important element of a dining table or coffee table’s decor. It also protects the surface of the table while providing the perfect backdrop to complement your crockery.

So, don’t forget to dress up your tabletops in designer table cloths to add a touch of style to the whole setting. Nowadays, various luxury brands and designer boutiques are coming up with specialised selections ranging from plush fabrics with charming colour palettes to bright, bold, and bohemian designs.

Luxury Platters and Crockery

It’s not an overstatement that we eat with our eyes first! Truly, it’s the sight that guides the taste. No matter how delicious the canapes are, they come across as even more appealing when served with style on gorgeous, specially designed platters.

While arranging your table for a daytime get-together, an evening of drinks or a fancy dinner, a set of skilfully crafted platters is all you need to arrest the attention of your guests, make them feel special, and elevate the entire experience of the occasion.

Here are a few options of what kind of luxury platters you can fill your cabinet with which you can mix and match with different types of crockery.

  • Earthenware: Earthenware may sound less precious, but it’s no less sophisticated. Decorative earthenware like terracotta and tagines are specific to various cultures.
  • Stoneware: Stoneware, such as the famous “khurja” of India, is strong, tough, temperature-resistant, extremely durable and comes in a range of unique colour tones. Luxe stone platters made of vintage designs are pleasing to the eye.
  • Porcelain/ Bone China: Porcelain is a luxurious variety of ceramic tableware. This delicate crockery, often decorated with iconic floral patterns, is highly valued and sought after. Fine bone china epitomises elegance, class, and sophistication.
  • Silverware: Made from German silver, sterling silver, or hammered silver, these gleaming luxury platters add a touch of royalty to the dining space and are fit for grand occasions. 

You can check out brands like Ritu Kumar Home, H2H, Assemblage, Artychoke, House of Neeba, etc. on online luxury stores like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Jaypore, Tata Cliq Luxury, Ajio Luxe, etc. Find an extensive collection of designer table cloths, table mats, napkins, antique brass trays, cheese platters, and more.


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