General health screening is a common and routine practice for individuals of all ages. It is typically done at regular intervals, such as once a year, and is often covered by insurance. General health screening aims to detect any early signs or symptoms of disease or abnormality so that treatment can be started promptly. There are a number of different tests and procedures that may be included in a general health screening, depending on the individual’s age, health history, and risk factors.

What is a Full Body Check Up Package?

A full body checkup is a great way to ensure that you are in good health. It can also help catch any potential health problems before they become serious. There are many different types of full body checkups available. Some are more comprehensive than others. You should discuss with your doctor which type of checkup is right for you.

Inclusions of Full Body Check Up Package

A full body checkup usually includes a physical exam, blood tests, and urine tests. Depending on your individual health needs, your doctor may also order additional tests.

There are many different types of full body checkups available. Still, most include common tests like measuring BMI or Body Mass Index, sugar and cholesterol blood tests, and blood pressure measurement. Some health screenings can also include tests for liver and kidney function.

The Essence of Full Body Check Up

Full body checkups are an important part of preventive healthcare. They can help you stay healthy and catch any potential health problems early.

Having a full body checkup is a good way to take proactive steps towards maintaining good health and catching any potential health concerns early. If you’re considering a full body checkup, be sure to ask your doctor about which tests are right for you.

As we all know, health is wealth. In order to maintain our health, we have to go for general health screening periodically to check for any health issues that we may not be aware of.

In Singapore, many clinics and hospitals offer general health screening services. However, deciding which one to go to can be pretty confusing.

Here Are Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Clinic or Hospital for General Health Screening:


Make sure that the clinic or hospital is accredited by the Medical Council. This ensures that the clinic or hospital meets the required standards.


Choose a clinic or hospital that is conveniently located for you. This will make it easier for you to go for your health screenings.


Health screening packages can vary in price, so choose one that is affordable for you.


Some clinics and hospitals offer additional services such as health consultations and dietary advice.

If you are looking for a general health screening in Singapore, they will work with you to create a customized screening plan that fits your needs and schedule. They offer a variety of health screenings that can help you stay healthy and detect any health problems early.


It’s high time that everyone takes responsibility for their own health. There is no denying that many of us are not as healthy as we could be. You have to start valuing your own health before you can expect it to be valued by others, and that starts with seeing a family doctor regularly.


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