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Since 1993, PDF has been a popular file format. The PDF format is safer, preserves all visual elements, and offers greater file compression. However, it is not as easy to edit a document as Word format. This is why so many people search online for tools and software that can convert PDF files into Word documents.

This article will discuss the best online tool converter pdf em word gratis for converting PDFs to Word formats.

Editor’s note: It is highly unlikely that an online conversion of your PDF file will work if it is encrypted. It is possible for alignment to be lost or parts of your document to get muddled if the original file is too complicated. It is also a good idea to avoid converting sensitive files online.

Best PDF To Word Converter Online Sites (Free)

1. Convert PDF to Word, one of the most popular conversion sites, allows you to convert PDF files into word. It is easy to use. Simply visit the site and click the “select the File” button. A window will then open. Now locate the PDF file you want to convert to word. Enter your valid email address, and hit the Convert button.

Converting the file will take only a few minutes. Once the conversion process is over, you will receive a mail with the converted file attached from.

2. Small PDF

Another cloud-based PDF converter site,, converts PDFs into Word files. It is easy to use. Drag and drop the file to be converted. DropBox and Google Drive can also be used to directly retrieve files. After the conversion is complete, Small PDF allows you to save or download the Word document to Google Drive or Dropbox.

3. Pdf2Doc

Pdf2Doc, another PDF to Doc converting site, works the same way as the two mentioned above. It has the advantage of allowing users to convert up 20 PDF files at once, which is a slight difference to SmallPDF and GoNitro. Upload the files and wait for the conversion to complete. After the pdf to Word conversion is complete, you can either download individual files or all of them as a single zip file.

4. Simplypdf

Another online PDF to Word converter is available for free. It works just like any other online converter. However, you will need to provide the password for encrypted PDF files. But, I’m afraid that you will be locked out if you don’t know the password.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free tool that can convert PDF to Word to simply extract text. How to convert PDF into Word with Google Drive

5 Useful PDF To Word Converter Online Sites

These 5 easy-to-use tools will help you save money and convert PDF files for free. These tools don’t require signup and can be converted to word documents in just a few clicks. If you only need to convert files occasionally, it is better to use the options above.


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