To shave your face, you can use either a standard razor and shaving cream or an electric shaver. An electric shaver is the best choice as it helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps, while also getting rid of stubble in minutes. Electric shavers are also convenient because they require minimal maintenance, and typically noise levels are at a minimum too. To select the best face shaver, you need to look at the following characteristics;

1. Type of blade

The majority of the world is still using single-edged blades. However, single-edge blades are known to cause irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The best type of blade is a trimmer or a rotary head shaver.

2. Blade length

The length of the blade determines how close it can cut to your hair and shave stubble before you get an uncomfortable amount of friction. Longer blades usually have better shaving performance as they can allow closer trimming than shorter ones but they may cause irritation if you use them for too long.

3. The motor

Most shavers have a rotary motor that is essentially a spinning head with blades. This is a quite efficient way of shaving as the blades end up touching your skin and cutting hairs at the same time.

4. Head design and flexibility

A head that can pivot or tilt will be able to accurately follow the curves and contours of your face, although it does mean it will need to move more. Some heads can even pivot in two directions, but this may be too complicated for everyday use. A two-headed shaver with two movable heads will give you better results than a single-headed one, so definitely opt for this option if possible.

5. Foil or rotary

This is a question of personal preference, but usually, rotary shavers are preferred because they glide over the skin and deliver a closer shave. However, foil shavers are more practical if you have to deal with thick hair as they can easily remove this.

6. Wet and dry

Wet and dry shavers can be used in the shower or with shaving cream, so it is best to find one that comes with that option. If not, you will need to stick to a razor for the time being. Some wet and dry shavers have some resistance because of their waterproof casing, but modern ones have no such problem.

7. Noise

Most shavers will give you a reasonable amount of noise, but if you are someone who suffers from noise sensitivity, find one with a soft noise or a very quiet mode.

8. Replacement heads and special accessories

Different manufacturers will have different types of shaver heads; some will have replacement blades that can be used on all of the models they make. Similarly, some will not have any accessories. Look for ones that offer replacements as this is a good indicator that they care about your needs and are going to keep manufacturing them in the future.

9. Cleaning and maintenance

The best face shaver will be able to clean itself; you should be able to just rinse it under a tap. However, some shavers do not come with this option so you will have to check for one that does. Otherwise, you may have to use a special cleaning solution or alcohol every once in a while, especially if you are using a wet and dry model.


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