When working in your craft room, workshop or kitchen, it is crucial to have the craft supplies, tools, and utensils organised. Therefore, you must get your hands on a pegboard so your tools are visible and easily accessible, and you can avoid mess and time wastage. Pegboards serve the purpose of decor items and storage space as they can be mounted on the garage, walls, workshop or other places. So, buying one sounds simple enough, right? Well, to get pegboards of good quality, you need to browse through a sea of options. For some help with your search, you can check the following guide.

Which pegboards should you purchase?

There are different types of pegboards, and you need to identify the one that best suits your needs. The following are the types:

Single hooks

Single hooks have only one peg that you can attach to the pegboard. These are best for hanging small tools. 

Double hooks

These hooks have split bars and are ideal for hanging heavy items and tools.

Looped hooks

Looped hooks can work fine for hanging small tools like screwdrivers. However, ensure you get a pack of these hooks to avoid losing your screwdrivers.

Jumbo hooks

Jumbo hooks are perfect for holding huge items like screwdrivers, shovels and other tools used in your garage.

Angle hooks

Angle hooks are sharp, and L, V, and box styles fall under this category. The box style is the best hook type for small tools, while V and L styles are ideal for big items.   

What factors should you consider before buying pegboards?

Material of the hook

Pegboards of plastic go best with non-metallic hooks. Sometimes you get metal hooks along with pegs that hold them tight. So, before buying, you must ensure that the pegboard has a sound lock system. If there are no lock systems, consider getting peg locks to substitute the hooks.

Pegboard type

There are different types of pegboards available. So, you need to get that sorted first. Then you should look at the sizes, hole spacing and thickness. Lastly, check that the hooks match the pegboard’s material. 

Length and thickness of hooks

You can get hooks of pegboards in various sizes but before considering the thickness of these hooks, get a good idea about the holes in the pegboards. The size of hooks may be ¼, ⅛ or3/12 inches. Sometimes you may get hooks that aren’t of the standard size; some may be long or thick.

Number of hooks

The board size and the holes on pegboards determine the number of hooks you need. You can buy pegboard hooks wholesale to get the best value for money. Buying hooks in packs of 100, 80 or 40 is much cheaper than buying them in packs of 10 or 12. 

How much does it cost to have the best pegboards?


If you have a budget between $10 and $30, you get pegboards of wood, plastic and metal. You also get hooks and other accessories in this range.


The options of shapes and sizes increase with your budget ranging from $30 and $80.


Large pegboards offer more space and come in different styles with various accessories. You may have to pay between $80 and $200 for this range. 
While you learn about the specifications of pegboards through some research, you may get a better idea by going through customer reviews. You can even get specific suggestions for pegboards for your hand tools, heavier items and other small items. Plus, you also gain knowledge of manufacturer specifications for the material and dimensions of each model from these reviews.  


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