Installing a digital door lock is a great way to keep your home safe and secure, but it has the potential to be complicated. You may spend excessive time on research or taking long trips to track down the best door lock in Singapore for you. The good news is these excellent digital door locks make everything easy and hassle-free.

1. Philips EK9100 Digital Door Lock

Philips EK9100 door lock is a stylish way to create security in your home. You must digitally program it with a code, and the fingerprint reader will recognize up to six different users. The door lock also alerts you when there are unrecognised fingerprints or passwords. And even if someone does jimmy your keypad, they’ll soon be locked out thanks to the pin-code backup system.

2.Schlage S-6800 Digital Door Lock

This is the one for you if you want a wireless door lock. The keypad allows you to add codes on your own, and with the option of having your guests’ fingerprints scanned, this lock will give you total access control. It has a built-in alarm and is easy to install. Plus, it’s ADA compliant and will work with thick doors, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the lock will fit in with your door.

3. Samsung SHS-1321 Rim Type Door Lock

The digital door lock in Singapore offers a wireless keypad, high-security biometrics, and an optional fingerprint reader for ultimate security. The keypad can hold multiple user codes, and you can also assign a different code to each section of your door. This lock also comes with an indicator light.

4. Yale YDME50 Digital Door lock

The lock is perfect for those with high-security needs. With its biometric scanner, your door will recognize up to five different users and provide fast, secure access. The keypad has a numeric pad to add as many codes as possible. You also can set a code for guests so that guests always have a code to use in an emergency.

5. ATLAS Digital Door Lock

ATLAS digital lock is perfect for those looking to secure their home and still have the convenience of keyless entry. You can program up to 30 codes, each with customizable access settings. The fingerprint scanner option is convenient as you can access your door in less than a second. The easy installation of this lock gives you the freedom to use it on any exterior door. The lock is compatible with keyed and keyless locks, allowing you to incorporate it into any security system.

6. Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

With a wealth of options and a stylish design, the Hafele EL9000 lock is easy to install and perfect for anyone looking for a digital door lock in Singapore. The customizable code system means that you can make as many user profiles as you want, each with its access code. The fingerprint scanning capability works with up to 100 different fingerprints, so you’ll be able to grant access to whomever you want. The keyless system allows you to use a remote control to open the lock.

Having a bulky, clunky lock on your door is no longer necessary. You can now have high security at your fingertips as you program the above digital door locks to open only with the right code or fingerprint. They’re perfect for providing security to your home.


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