Healthy Habits

At the start of every new year, we tend to make a long list of lifestyle changes that we will incorporate into our daily routines. Most of which include healthy habits to improve the quality of our life. 

Despite the high hopes, determination, and motivation, we often fall out of the ‘healthy’ routine within a month or two because we are trying to change multiple habits at once. 

The key to successfully incorporating healthy habits into our life is smaller steps that are easy to maintain, only take a few minutes out of our day, and still provide us with positive health benefits. 

Here are some easy-to-include habits that you can start today! 

Fix Your Sleep Cycle

The only time your body gets to recover from everyday activities is when you sleep. Our body produces new cells, regains its strength, and focuses on improving internal functions; hence, adequate sleep has been linked to multiple health benefits. 

Creating a habit of getting 7-9 hours of sleep can improve your memory, boost your immune system, and elevate your mood. On the contrary, sleep deprivation will lead to cardiovascular diseases and metabolic issues in the long run. 

Besides getting enough hours of sleep, it is also essential to gain more sleep during the night instead of the day. Our body’s internal clock works with the rise and set of the sun. So it’s more beneficial to stick to the natural course. 

Skip the next episode of your favorite TV show and postpone work to the next day; no amount of business or pleasure is worth risking your wellbeing. 

Nutritious Food

In our fast-paced life, fast food is the yummiest blessing that takes away the hassle of cooking daily. However, they lack the nutrition our body requires to stay healthy and are not a suitable replacement. 

There is no doubt that cooking is tiresome and time-consuming. But building the habit by starting once a week, on the weekend, can drastically improve your energy levels, immune system, and mood simply because you are receiving the nutrition that your body requires. 

You can take simple steps to ensure you are fulfilling your nutritional requirement, such as opting for water over soda or buying more fruit to munch on rather than packet chips. 

There are also a variety of fast-food chains that provide ready-to-go healthy meals that you can rely on when you’re feeling too lazy to cook. 

Enjoy De-Stressing

Dedicating time out of your day to de-stress is an effective way to improve your wellbeing. Lack of stress enhances sleep, reduces muscle tension, and makes life a lot easier. 

You can use this dedicated time for any entertainment that you genuinely enjoy, like reading a book, spending time with friends or family, or spending time by yourself, watching your favorite TV shows. 

It can also be a guilty pleasure like sipping on wine or gambling. There are plenty of online websites, such as, where you can bet and play your favorite casino games or others from the comfort of your home. 

Daily Body Movement

Moving your body and daily exercise can keep you young, healthy, and happy for a long time! 

Daily body movement has been linked with many great health benefits, especially physical health. It is an excellent way of releasing stress hormones from your body while regulating the production of happy hormones. 

It strengthens your muscles and bones, increasing your daily energy while improving your cognition, memory, stability, etc. With age, these benefits are more valuable when our body tends to lose such basic abilities. 

Lastly, it reduces the risks of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases. Integrating a simple habit like dancing, yoga, jogging, or going to the gym can make life-long improvements in your body.


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