Metal Garages

Garages aren’t just a safe parking space for your cars anymore. Over the years, the tiny home garages evolved into substantial spaces to park your vehicle and yet get a lot of room for other things. Today, garages are used as workshops, storage units, and even gyms. Many homeowners also use their garages as man caves and she-sheds where they turn their garage into a workshop and run their small business, hobby, or DIY project. 

As one of Canada’s most prominent provinces, Ontario is home to 14.57 million people. People in Ontario love their cars, even when they don’t drive them more often. The car ownership rate in Ontario stands at 12,812,369. With so many people having cars in their houses, you cannot neglect the importance of sturdy and safe garages. 

With each house having at least 2 cars despite having garages that only fit one, it’s no wonder that many people prefer to buy prefab garage kits Ontario. These can protect cars from elements and give people enough space for their personal projects as well. The prefab garages are way more spacious than conventional garages and offer more safety and low maintenance. If you are planning to get one, here are three incredible benefits of prefab metal garages 

1. Superior protection against natural elements

One of the primary purposes of the garage is to facilitate the safe parking of your vehicles. It can be anything from a jet ski or bicycle, to bikes, cars and trucks – keeping them safe from natural elements such as rain, sun, dust, and snow can help extend their lifespan. 

Ontario experiences at least 40 to 70 days of snowfall annually across all the regions like Cornwall, Pembroke, Brantford, Toronto, Windsor, and others. Keeping your car outside in the several inches of snow can lead to a number of inconveniences, and also increased maintenance costs. 

Thankfully that can be avoided with heavy-duty, prefab garage kits Ontario that offer simple installations and superior protection against natural elements. 

2. Flexibility to make changes

Unlike concrete structures, prefab garages offer a vast and clear span. There are no internal columns to support the garage structure and roof. That means you have total freedom to plan your floor plan in accordance with your project. You get massive usable space which is often tricky with traditional garages as they have multiple support columns that restrict maneuverability and hog up a lot of space.

You can make changes according to your project whenever you can. Moreover, as you get more space, you can create multiple sections in the yruo garage for a dedicated purpose. That means you can park your car, store your tools and mowers, and still have enough space to set up a home gym or an additional storage space. 

3. Cost-effective 

One of the significant benefits of steel garage kits is that they are more cost-effective than other methods. Prefab garage kits offer lower construction costs per square foot than other methods like concrete or wood. That means you can expand the garage area as per your budget and needs.

Having a spacious garage opens up a lot of opportunities on the personal and business front. You can not only use it to store your cars and other things. You can use the space to work on your passion project, or turn it into a gym or indoor playground for your kids. The options are endless! 


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