Business reorganization is most often viewed as a means of increasing efficiency and reducing costs. It is an attempt to improve the effectiveness of the operation or to improve the efficiency of the operation. When we focus on process reengineering, we are focusing on the process itself. The objective is to make processes more effective and efficient.

There are many different methods of reorganizing a business or organization. There are some methods that can be applied to the entire organization, while others can only be applied to departments. In general we would say that business process reengineering is the best way to improve an inefficient business.

Business process reengineering is a broad industry that includes many different types of businesses. It can include the redesign of processes, the creation of new processes, and the creation of process standards. There may be a few processes that are the same for all business units or that are fairly standardized. The focus is on these processes and on the methods used to implement them.

Business process reengineering is not something that we can tackle in our day-to-day jobs. And yes, there are many things that can be done as part of a business process reengineering job, but the goal is to improve an existing process.

This is particularly true of re-engineering an existing process. A process is usually a set of procedures that have been used in the past to accomplish a particular task. For example, if you want to change your sales process to create more sales leads, you’ll want to consider using some of those same sales procedures. But if there are multiple processes involved, it’s better to do the process changes before attempting to implement the new process.

In our research of over 100,000 software processes, we found that if the same procedures, methods, and tools are used in the same old way, people will use them just fine, but if they’re “re-engineered” in different ways, they’ll change and improve over time. For example, if you have sales processes in place, but people are just using them in the old way, then you’ll have trouble getting new leads.

The process reengineering that is discussed in this book is called process redesign.

process redesign is a new process that enables business to adopt new methods to achieve goals. The process involves taking a process that is already used on a certain industry (think of it as an old process used in the ’90s) and making it fit better with the new industry. In this book, we’ll discuss a process re-engineering method called business process reengineering.

It’s a way of re-adapting the old practices to the new requirements of the company. In this way, it helps to make the organization more efficient and agile.

The idea is to design an entirely new corporate structure with new methods. The company will use the new methods to achieve its goals and then to expand the company or to hire more people.


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