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I have been a self-employed graphic designer for over 10 years now. Over that time I have learned that even with a very small amount of people, like myself, who do work for a living, there is a lot of stress and pressure that comes along with that type of job.

One aspect of my job that I absolutely hate is that I have to spend a lot of time on the phone with clients. I have to answer the phone, I have to send the clients emails, and I have to get back to work the following day. I am also in charge of all the artwork for the website, so if there is a big project I have to work on, I have to be available to do my job.

But there are many other aspects of this job that don’t involve working on a website. One of these is the fact that I play a lot of games on my phone—I can’t stand the fact that my phone is always getting the latest updates from my phone. But I can’t just turn my phone off when I’m not in the mood.

The reason I decided to get a phone is that I wanted to be able to use my phone for gaming. I had a nice Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android phone and I really wanted to get a phone that allowed me to use it for gaming. But the Arc’s screen is too small and I am not comfortable using it with my iPad. So I decided to go for a Samsung phone and not a Sony Ericsson. I also had to get a smaller, cheaper, better battery.

Verlinden productions was a small Danish company created in 2005 by two college friends. They were in the process of making a game for Android and were asked to create a mobile version of their game, Verlinden. The game was very popular, but Verlinden was not profitable. They decided to go it alone instead of trying to get a larger company to make the game for them.

The company’s demise is a bit of a surprise. The game turned out to be a decent action platformer, and the game’s mobile version was successful. Verlinden was still making games for Android, however, and they were actually making money. You can check out the game for yourself at the Apple store or on Android Market. The game was originally released in 2008, but the game’s developers shut down in 2012.

After all that money was spent, Verlinden just left the PC and mobile game business. The company was bought by another company, but they made no effort to hire the people who worked at the studio. So Verlinden is now gone from the PC and mobile game business as well. Hopefully the company that did the work on the game got the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. That would have been nice.

Well, I guess that makes it a “game development” company, and not the “Android game development company” that it used to be. I mean, the Android games developers are more like the ones that make the games that come out of the Google Play Store. I guess they probably were just tired of the endless games, so they just closed the studio and made the games themselves.

The gaming industry is a bit like the medical and financial industries. As long as there is money to be made and the people in charge of making that money have some sense of responsibility, then the industry can survive. But when the industry becomes greedy and just runs itself, then it can just as easily destroy itself.

The same problem arises with the film and music industries (and music and games in general). When a company goes bankrupt, they often just close up shop and don’t bother trying to make anything new. But with video games, the games are just as good as ever, and the company is still in business, but it’s now run by one of those big names that everyone has heard of.


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