We are often told that our health problems stem from our culture – our attitudes, our beliefs, our values. I’m not saying that the culture of a country or nation affects women’s health, but I do believe that it has an impact on women’s health in general.

I am not sure exactly how many women in our society are suffering from health problems.

We have all heard the word “health” in the past (or maybe it’s the same word as “good”) and have even heard it used for the same reason.

There are many reasons that women become ill.

It is true, I know that many of you have had similar experiences, but it is not so easy to dismiss as we have and do. But the evidence is that many of us are healthy and don’t actually have health problems. The evidence is quite clear that some of us have had problems with our body and our mind. That is why we have been on this planet for as long as we have been.

There are all kinds of medical conditions that women can suffer from, but only few are common. This can be attributed to the fact that no two women are exactly the same. There are no two women of same age, height and weight. There are of course exceptions, but the vast majority of us are not exactly the same.

That’s why we have to have our own medical checkups and get our insurance covered. We do not want to be treated in the same way as a man. There is of course nothing wrong with being treated as you wish. That is up to you.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being treated as you wish. But we all have our own life-cycle. People are born with a certain amount of ‘skeleton’ and then have to have a certain amount of ‘body’. It’s not the same thing after all. So we need to be careful.

But if a woman is pregnant and the doctor tells her that she can have her baby and then tells her she has to keep the baby, she will refuse. Why? Because the doctor is not a good person.

And while I agree that the doctor is a bad person, there is a deeper reason why women are often hesitant to have their babies. Yes, there are medical reasons to avoid having a baby, but also because having a baby can be a difficult and demanding task. And for the women who have children, it can be a difficult and demanding task as well.


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