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This week’s guest blogger, Andy, took a few snowboarding tips from the snowboarding pros to see if they can help you out with your next snowboarding-related need.

I’ve never really been a big fan of the new technologies coming out of the snowboarding world. In particular, the idea of “riding snow” seemed like something I’d never really get. So to get some insight on what I do when I’m stuck in the snow, I spoke with two snowboard pros. The first was Tony Hawk, and the other was Brian Roberts.

Tony Hawk, you’ve been riding snowboard for a long time.

Tony Hawk is one of the best snowboarders in the world, and has earned that right many times over. I sat down with him to ask him a few questions that I could only have been in the presence of a true pro. Here in that interview the conversation was mostly about the snowboarding business and his role with snowboarding’s biggest sponsor, Enduro Sports.

Tony Hawk is one of those guys who is so humble, he would never brag about his accomplishments. He might brag about his achievements, but he would never brag about his achievements. He is simply a pro. And he is still riding snowboard every single day.

A lot of times snowboarders are just like Tony Hawk, they just don’t know it. That is because they have no idea what it takes to be a pro. You don’t have to have a fancy snowboard or a fancy camera or a fancy snowboarder. It’s just a passion. You just have to be willing to go out there and ride your snowboard and feel the pain. And you can be pretty darn good.

As a way of saying that I’m going to kick your ass, I’ve put together this short list of snowboarding terms and phrases that you probably have no clue what they mean, but that I think you will love.

The following are some of the most often thrown around snowboarding terms and phrases that would be the next best thing to getting on a snowboard and feeling your face against the cold and snow.

It is an action sport where individuals perform tricks on jumps, ladders, and other objects. Essentially, it is snowboarding where you get to ride your snowboard sideways while balancing on a set of rails while trying to avoid debris.


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