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I’m all about wearing risky business attire, but I don’t really know what risky business means. I suppose I mean anything that’s not standard office wear. That’s just the way I roll.

Well, you can just call it a high-risk job. For example, if you want to get a job at a restaurant, you need to wear high-risk work attire. I guess you could say you really have to wear something that isn’t standard office wear, but I don’t really get this.

I know what you mean. I guess people think theyre going to get a job working at a restaurant, but theres no real work to do. It’s more fun to work at a bar or a club. There’s no work to do, just to drink and dance. It’s kind of like being a partier in a biker bar.

Ok, I know youre probably thinking of a high-risk job, but what we really have are all sorts of low-risk jobs. You are going to be at the restaurant for a few years. You will be able to choose the food you eat and which drink you drink. You will be able to choose how many girls you date and how many guys you date. You will be able to choose how much alcohol you drink and how much to take with you.

The only thing is, you can only drink at the same exact time every day. Like in a biker bar. If you want to drink a lot, you’ve got to have a lot to drink. If you want to drink a little bit, you’ve got to have a little bit. Otherwise you’re going to end up having a few “drinks” of beer, wine or vodka and a few glasses of “high” wine.

I always thought that one of the best parts of being a girl in a video game was the costume. I really like the idea of choosing your character’s style and color. I like the idea of not having to worry about things like makeup or hair.

A video game girl looks pretty great too. Like a video game girl needs to have a certain outfit on. She looks great as she rides her bike or runs around on her own, or as she stomps through mud or jumps on a trampoline.

The video game girl has a lot of potential. She just needs to learn how to ride a bike, and she doesn’t need a lot of makeup or hair. She’s just a girl. I am reminded of someone I had a conversation with a few years ago. She was a video game girl who dressed in a lot of really expensive clothes that really didn’t look good on her. She was also super hyper, had a lot of confidence, and really liked to go fast.

In this video game girl, there is no one who makes her look good. She seems to be a really average video game girl who wants to look good and is going to be a really good model for video game fashion. I cant complain. Shes just a normal video game girl.

The video game girl is a good example because she can probably do what any normal person in her situation would, but in video games she isnt actually that normal. In video games that’s called “sissy game” where the player is required to do things that are really unrealistic and the only way to achieve these things is to do them without thinking. That’s basically the same thing in video games as in real life.


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