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Our favorite new technology bluetooth speaker from Ionic Labs has arrived! This new speaker, the Ionic S, is a great option for the person looking to upgrade from their existing Bluetooth speaker. We really like the Ionic S because it is very quiet, has a great sound, and is capable of playing music from your phone or tablet over your speakers at any volume.

It is a great idea at a great price, especially if you already have a Bluetooth speaker, and it is very inexpensive. The Ionic S is available for about $99 on Amazon.

The Ionic S is an excellent speaker because it does not need a separate amplifier, which helps lower its price. The speaker also has an excellent Bluetooth function, but it is only compatible with Android phones and tablets, and it will not work with Apple devices.

The Ionic S is designed to be used with your phone, tablet, or iPod. Bluetooth is a very cheap and easy way to connect to speakers and to connect to your phone. It is very easy to use too.

The speaker works best with phones that have a micro USB port to plug into your laptop. While it works well with iPads and iPhones, I have to say that I prefer my Ionic S with an iPad over my Ionic S with an iPhone as the iPhone’s small speaker is too loud for me.

The Ionic S has a tiny speaker with a loud volume and, at its low price, is worth it. But if the speaker works with iOS devices then the Ionic S is worth it.

Ionic S is an awesome speaker with a tiny but powerful speaker. I was a little worried about the price but I can’t say it is a dealbreaker. I like it. I’m probably going to buy a couple more in the future if the price of the Ionic S keeps going down.

I had trouble finding a Bluetooth speaker that didn’t blow my speakers out, but the Ionic S really is the only one worth buying. It was a little pricey, but if you buy the right one its worth it.

Its a good idea to keep any bluetooth speakers with more than one speaker. You can have a speaker that does everything, and a speaker that does nothing. Ionic S does everything, and for that price, its a good deal.

They are a really cool piece of Bluetooth technology. The Ionic S does all of the things that Bluetooth speakers can do, and more. It’s especially good at being discreet, and Ionic S speakers are pretty cool to look at too.


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