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This is a great example of how the world is changing. Many of us are starting to do new furniture stores when we see new furniture.

I have a friend who’s just opened one right now in a new small town north of Charlotte. As you may know, the idea of a furniture store and just having someone else shop it on your behalf has been the norm since the dawn of the internet. This is an example of that trend changing. It’s not just big companies or big chains, people are starting to just go out and buy furniture from others. I’ve even seen places like Ikea and Restoration Hardware selling their own pieces.

It’s not just big retail chains like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, but small, locally owned furniture stores like The Nook and The Country Store. They are the people who have the ability to create a neighborhood atmosphere on a small scale, and who have the knowledge necessary to understand and navigate the changing retail environment of today’s big box stores.


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