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If you’re like most people, you probably have a little or, at the very least, a lot of customer generated marketing at your disposal. This marketing is the very same marketing that you’ll find on most blogs and web sites. It is targeted at creating more people’s awareness of your business and products. It is a tactic that works well with any brand. And, as with most marketing efforts, the bigger the budget, the bigger the opportunity for success.

In the case of customer generated marketing, you don’t need to generate a ton of traffic to get results. The important thing is to create a “brand” for your website or business. You do this by creating a visual representation of your brand and giving your customers something to identify with. Once they do that, they’ll buy from you more often than not.

Thats where customer generated marketing really shines. It is a tactic that has a huge impact on your bottom line, as long as you have something valuable to sell. For instance, if you sell your website to a restaurant, then you can create a branded website and create a branded website address. This will help you generate sales leads.


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