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Fig Newtons are delicious, but can dogs eat fig newtons? Fig Newtons are a type of cookie that comes in two flavors: original and cinnamon. They were first created by Nabisco in 1891.

cookie, bake, pastry @ Pixabay

The name “Fig Newton” was trademarked on September 1, 1921, and the company’s iconic logo is still used today. The Newtons are known for their fig and date filling covered in a deliciously sweet, cinnamon sugar frosting. Fig Newton original cookies have an “M” shape on one side of the cookie with four holes while the other flavor has five dots on one side of the cookie and six holes.

Fig Newtons are perfect for people who love chocolate chip cookies but want to avoid going overboard with all that extra sugary goodness; they’re also great for those looking to give themselves or someone else a treat without any major consequences! The best part about these tasty treats is that dogs can eat them too since there’s no chocolate at all in this delicious dessert! If you happen to visit today (November 24th)


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