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Everyone loves to know if their pets are able to eat certain foods. When it comes to eating crab shells, the answer is not so simple. It’s a common misconception that dogs can eat crab shells just like they would any other food, but this isn’t true.

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Dogs’ stomachs and intestines are unable to break down these pieces of shellfish, which can cause a variety of health complications for your pet. Read on for more information about whether or not you should feed your dog crab shells! If you think about it, the shape of a crab’s shell is designed to protect its soft body from predators. The claws are also protective features because they allow crabs to defend themselves if need be. This means that dogs would have an extremely difficult time trying to break through these tough pieces of armor and ingesting them without getting hurt in the process. Unfortunately, this can lead to some very serious health risks for your pet dog as well! If he does happen to swallow one or two pieces of shellfish while grooming himself or eating food off the ground, his digestive tract will not be able to digest them properly which could cause ulcers and intestinal obstructions over time due their sharp edges cutting into stomach walls or intestines


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