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We know what you’re thinking: isn’t life hard enough for a dog? What with all the rain, snow and wind that they have to put up with. But it turns out that there are many things we can do to give our dogs an even better life. Here are 11 simple ways you can make your pup’s world a happier place.

dog, pet, canine @ Pixabay

– Give your dog a way to get out of the rain and snow. The easiest is just letting them in when they come back inside. But if that’s not possible, you can buy an outdoor doghouse for $200 or less, depending on size and style. If it looks like bad weather outside, be sure to bring him into the house early before any precipitation starts so he doesn’t end up getting wet from dirty paw prints! – Provide a safe place down low where he’ll feel protected without feeling confined. This could be under a countertop or behind furniture (with family permission). A blanket draped over some sort of structure will work as well – but make sure there are no sharp corners poking through which might injure


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