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Chestnuts are a popular holiday food, but can dogs eat chestnuts? The answer is yes. However, you must be careful because there is an outer shell that contains toxins. This article will explore the different types of chestnuts and how to prepare them for your dog if they’re allowed by their veterinarian. If your vet says it’s okay, the first step is to remove the outer shell by boiling or roasting them.

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Then you can feed them whole or puree into a soup for your dog with just enough water added so that they’re not too dry (you should also add some salt). You may want to peel off the shell before serving if you have an older pet who has trouble chewing. The good news is that chestnuts are low in calories and high in fiber which makes them great for any dogs on a diet! * * * Can Dogs Eat Chestnuts?: Yes, But Beware of the Nut Meats – Animals eating food made from nuts sounds like a recipe for disaster but there are actually many types of


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