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Can dogs eat cheesecake? This is a question that pet owners often ask themselves when they are looking for something special to spoil their furry friend. Although some people believe that there is no such thing as a dessert safe for dogs, many veterinarians and dog trainers disagree! In this blog post, we will answer 11 questions about what can or cannot be eaten by dogs so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet- all of these answers come from experts in the field! Can dogs eat cheesecake?

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Veterinarians agree that most any food is safe for your dog in small quantities. However, you should not feed a large amount of sugar to your pet because it can lead to stomach problems and tooth decay! If you are looking for something healthy- try adding warm water with a little bit of rice or oats mixed into your pets’ dinner (and make sure they drink plenty of fresh water too)! Some people like to add vegetables such as green beans or broccoli when feeding their pup veggies – just be mindful about what the ingredients also contain so that there isn’t anything toxic present. Can dogs eat tomatoes? Larger breeds may do better without tomato products while smaller breeds might enjoy them occasionally


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