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Bologna is a type of processed meat that comes from the pig. It is often made into sandwiches, but can be used in other dishes as well. The question on many people’s minds is: “Can dogs eat bologna?” If you have ever wondered this yourself, then read on to find out! The answer to the question will depend on whether or not your dog has any food allergies.

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For instance, if your dog suffers from beef allergies and eats bologna, they may break out in hives or develop an upset stomach due to a reaction with the protein found in both meats. This may also happen if your pup has chicken allergies because some brands of bologna are filled with fillers that are made with chicken.

If your pup does not suffer from any food allergies, then they should be able to eat bologna without an issue. As long as you offer them a small amount and monitor their symptoms for a few days, there doesn’t seem like much of the risk here! Just make sure to keep these things in mind before deciding if your dog can have this type of meat product or not.


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