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Dogs can eat artichokes. In fact, they are actually really good for dogs! They provide fiber and help to lower cholesterol. But before you feed your pup an entire dinner plate full of the green vegetable, make sure that you know what else is on the menu.

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Does your dog have a food allergy?

If so, it’s important to avoid any foods with which he or she has had a bad reaction in the past. And if you’re trying to keep your dog slim, don’t overfeed him or her while letting them graze on this delicious veggie! In the end, artichokes are a great addition to your pup’s diet!

To learn more about what dogs can and can’t eat check out this article. – Dogs Can Have Artichokes – What Dogs Can Eat – And What They Should Avoid “Dogs cannot eat mushrooms because they contain toxins that can cause serious harm in such small quantities.” To read more on how you should feed your dog click here: How Much Food for My Dog? Written by Josh Jameson 15 July 2017 “You’ll always have people who will say no way my dog loves onions or garlic but these vegetables are toxic even if ingested in moderation so just don’t do it!” Read More Here. Click Here For The


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