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If you’re like many people, the idea of your dog drinking sparkling water might seem a bit weird. But it’s actually not that uncommon! In this blog post, we will answer 8 questions about whether or not dogs can drink sparkling water and why some people believe they shouldn’t. 1) Are there any health risks? 2) Is it bad for their teeth? 3) Can dogs get drunk from drinking too much-sparking water? 4) What are the benefits to giving my pet sparkling water instead of tap water? 5) Why does my pet prefer pure over carbonated drinks anyway? 6) How much do I give them at once if I want to use it as a treat/incentive? etc. etc.. The sparkling water does not have any dangers, but it can cause tooth decay or problems with the esophagus if a dog drinks too much at once.

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Sparkling water has many benefits for dogs including: -Helps curb thirst and dehydration more than plain tap water (Dogs naturally gravitate towards this type of drink because their sense of taste is heightened) -Can also help prevent kidney stones that form due to excess oxalates found in tap water which are less prevalent in carbonated drinks. -It’s great for dental health as well! The bubbles act like natural scrubbing agents on teeth while providing minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and magnesium to promote good health..”


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