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Coconut water is a popular beverage for people, but what about dogs?

Is it safe to give them coconut water on hot days or after exercise? The answer is: it depends. Coconut water has some nutrients that are good for your dog, and can be beneficial if they need hydration. But there are also risks associated with giving your dog this drink too often. Read more to discover the pros and cons of drinking coconut water for dogs!

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– Pros: Coconut water is low in calories and contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C. If your dog needs hydration on hot days or after exercise coconut water might be a good alternative to plain water because it has electrolytes which help replenish fluids lost during strenuous activity. Dogs also like the taste of it!

– Cons: The downside when giving dogs coconut water is that they can’t drink as much at one time as compared to drinking milk or eating yogurt so you may have to provide more frequent refills than if you were using other drinks for them. It’s also not advised for dogs who are lactose intolerant since there’s no mention of any dairy products being used in its


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