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If you have been considering declawing your dog because they are scratching up the furniture, then you might want to consider some alternatives. There is a lot of controversy over the idea and many people believe that it is inhumane to declaw dogs. You should be aware of what the consequences are before deciding whether or not this would be a good option for your pet.

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Keyword: can dogs be declawed The first thing you need to know about declawing your pet dog is that it doesn’t just remove their claws. Instead, the vet will go in and operate on both of the animal’s toes to cut off all but a small part at the end of each one so they are left with no nails whatsoever.

It might seem like this would be less painful for them since there won’t be any tissue being removed from their paws, but unfortunately dogs can experience chronic pain because of how sensitive those areas are afterward. They also have trouble walking without feeling as though something abnormal is going on underfoot which leads many vets think that this method actually causes more discomfort than if they were able to keep their natural nails intact. There are some


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