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Fitness is important. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that it’s something that you value and want to do more of in your life. That’s great! But let’s be realistic: sometimes working out can be a drag (pun intended). It feels like a chore. You have to get up early on the weekend because you know there won’t be any time during the week when work isn’t demanding all of your energy or attention. Or maybe even worse, it feels like an obligation-something that just has to happen before you can fully enjoy your free time with friends and family–and so often we end up not going at all.

woman, yoga, fitness @ Pixabay

There are so many reasons why exercise might feel like a drag for some people, but one of the most common ones is that people simply don’t know how to make working out fun. There are some great ways that you can change your workout routine up and have a little more fun–it doesn’t even matter if it’s morning or night, weekday or weekend (though any time will do).

Here are eleven epic ways that we think Edgewater residents might like: – Do this exercise at home with no equipment needed! You’ll need two chairs for balance, and an empty space in front of them where you can jump around from foot to foot during each set. This works best when there’s a wall behind you so you won’t get pushed sideways as much by the chair on either side. The leap


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