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Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the world, is now selling a line of heavy-duty crushers. The company has introduced the machines to their stores for customers who need help disposing old cars and other large items that can’t be recycled. But what is most surprising about this new development is how much these industrial-strength devices cost: from $3,00 to over $4,00! .

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Walmart is selling $400 crushers! Some other stores, like Sears and Home Depot, also offer heavy-duty machines that are priced at about half of Walmart’s new models. These less expensive items might be a better option for consumers who need help getting rid of large appliances or anything else they can’t recycle easily in their own garage.

But if you’re looking to crush the contents of an entire car without paying too much money up front, then Walmart looks to be your best bet – just make sure you have the space required before buying one! It seems unlikely that these crushing devices will have any impact on recycling efforts since many people still find it difficult to get rid of old TVs and other electronics


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