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In the recent update of the game, Wizards of the Coast has made changes to how summoning sickness works. Now, creatures with summoning sickness can block and be blocked; they can also attack and be attacked. This is a huge change from previous rules that prevented creatures with summoning sickness from blocking or attacking at all! However, some players are worried about this new rule because it could lead to negative consequences for their decks.

After reading this blog post you will have learned: -What is summonsing sickness?-How does it work now in comparison to before?-Can creatures with summonsing sickeness still attack or block?-What are the possible consequences to this new rule? Now you know all about summoning sickness, and how it has changed. Summoning sickness is now a more viable strategy for creatures with summoning sickness! However, there may be other rules that have been introduced or changes in gameplay over time that affect creature abilities such as Magic: The Gathering’s “summoning sickness.” If so, we’ll explore those topics on our blog too!


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