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A blog post is a short article that shares thoughts, ideas or opinions on a given topic. A blog post can be used to share your expertise in the field of blogging and how you have dealt with various topics.

Blog posts are also great for SEO purposes since search engines will index these articles as well!

This article will cover what you can cover in a blog post and give examples of popular types.

This type of content has seen increased popularity over time because it’s always being updated with new information so readers don’t get bored reading older material again and again (unless they want to).

Furthermore, this form provides more personal insight into the author rather than just dry facts which makes them easier to relate to. To clarify, a blog post is typically longer than an article and shorter than a book.

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A great way to start writing your own posts for your blogs would be by thinking about what you are passionate about in life or what you find interesting enough that others will share their thoughts on the subject as well! 


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