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When it comes to pets, there is no breed more popular than the Corgi. This article will help answer just one of many questions that people have about this lovable breed.

Are corgis waterproof?

The answer is yes! Corgis are very good swimmers and they can even swim across long distances.

corgi, furry, dog @ Pixabay

They also enjoy being in the water, which means that if you have a pool or pond on your property, there is an increased likelihood of them enjoying it as much as you do. Corgis like to play around in the water with their human friends too!

This makes for some really fun time together but be sure not to let them get too wet because this could lead to dehydration or other health problems.

If you want more tips about how to keep your corgi healthy while having fun at the same time, we encourage reading our blog post all about “How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer – Not Hot!”


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