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A meme is a humorous image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users. A meme can be a word, phrase, or social behaviour that spreads from person to person via the internet.

Memes are often built around popular culture catchphrases and other well-known features of pop culture such as celebrities (e.g., Lebron James), songs (e.g., “Friday”), animals (e.g., cats) and so on.

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Memes have been around for decades but what has changed over time is how memes are created and spread across the web today – thanks to smartphones!

The first thing you need when creating your own meme content: a good idea!

The second thing is you need the right tools! Meme-generator websites (like Mememaker, and photo apps allow anyone with a smartphone to create their own memes – on the fly!

Smartphones are our most important meme-making tool because they can be used anywhere at any time. They also provide an easy way for people to share what they’ve created instantly with millions of other users online.

You don’t have to leave your browser open all day or constantly refreshing social media feeds anymore in order for someone else’s viral content to show up when somebody shares it 🙂 Here are some ways that smartphones help make creating memes easier than ever before.


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