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What can chickens eat?

That is the question we will answer today. Raising poultry at home has become more popular as people have started taking a greater interest in their food sources and where it comes from.

If you are thinking about raising your own chickens, or want to know what they should be eating, then this blog post is for you!

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Chickens should have a varied diet with plenty of protein and vegetables. They love mealworms, crickets, green beans, spinach leaves or kale chips (made from dehydrated kale).

Chicken can eat corn on the cob but they don’t get very excited about it. It doesn’t taste as good to them because their ancestors only ate insects during this time period in history so instead, chickens prefer treats like carrots for example which offer more variety.

Chickens cannot eat grapes – even if you are tempted! For one thing, chickens do not know how to spit out seeds when they bite into something that has grape-like seeds inside so while eating grapes may seem harmless enough by themselves after your chicken eats some.


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