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Can chickens have cabbage?

It’s a question that has been asked of farmers and other experts for years. The answer used to be “no,” but it turns out that some breeds of chicken can eat cabbage without any side effects.

This blog post explores the pros and cons of feeding your flock with this leafy green vegetable, as well as how you should cook it so that your hens will enjoy their meal!

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The Pros of Feeding Cabbage to Chickens:

Cabbages are a nutrient-dense food, which is good for chickens. It’s high in vitamin A and has many carotenoids, as well as other nutrients that will benefit your flock.

If you’ve been struggling with finding enough foods that contain calcium without too much phosphorus or nitrogen (or the opposite), this is a great option!

If you’re not sure how cabbage should be cooked before feeding it to your hens, see below for tips from Purdue University Extension.

The Cons of Feeding Cabbage to Chickens:

It can cause gas buildup within their intestines due to an increase in fibre content. 


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