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Chickens love popcorn. In fact, most chickens will eat almost anything that they can get their beaks on. If you are looking for a new snack to give your chickens then consider giving them some popped corn!

It’s great for their diet and it will keep them occupied while you’re working in the yard. The best time to give them popcorn is right before they go into their coop at night.

This will provide an extra boost of energy for the chickens as well as help keep pests away from your precious flock.

When you’re done, just clean up any stray kernels that are leftover and store them in a sealed container until next time!

Popcorn might not be the healthiest snack for humans but when given to chickens, it can have some great benefits.

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Chickens love anything edible so giving them popped corn isn’t going to hurt if they get bored during their downtime or need some more nutrients in their diet. Popcorn also helps with pest control because it gives the birds something fun to do while eating bugs.


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